Partner Companies

PAYMASTER – Payroll Solutions Paymaster was started on the 1st of March 1999 when Ian Hurst decided that it was time to leave the corporate life and focus on growing a payroll outsource company that will take responsibility for the clients payroll. It was the company vision to become a part of their clients companies and to operate as if they were the employees of the company employed in the payroll department. This means that they are held accountable for the service and results they deliver.

AQUARIUS – Specialist Recruitment Aquarius Specialist Recruitment endeavours to marry an individual’s specialist skills and demeanour with a specific role and culture of an organisation. This expertise manifests in a successful placement where the individuals sustained optimal work performance, ensures continued growth and development for both the incumbent and the organisation.

LAETOLI – Enabling sustainable transformation Laetoli designs and implements innovative consulting, facilitation and training solutions to meet uniquely African and South African transformation challenges. Laetoli provides new and effective patterns for managing change, they help new clients to create their own baskets of knowledge, with all the secrets of sustainable transformation.