High Performance People (HPP) Managing Misconduct and Poor Performance

Duration: Two Days

This programme encompasses the management of the Individual Employment Relationship. In addition to a thorough introduction to the Common Law duties of the employer and the employee, participants will learn how to give verbal and written warnings, understand the basics of evidence, as well as learn to Chair Disciplinary and Performance Enquiries. The programme furthermore introduces the participant to the relevant requirements of the Labour Relations Act, as well as up to date references to Labour Court, Labour Appeal Court and CCMA case law. Knowledge is furthermore transferred by way of practical examples, discussions and role plays.

  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: Contracting
  • Section 3: Induction
  • Section 4: Probation
  • Section 5: Managing Misconduct and the Disciplinary Process
  • Section 6: Managing Poor Work Performance and Incapacity